Brown Swiss - sexed semen available - genomic young sires

We’re proud to present you an excellent offer of top Brown Swiss genetics available also with sexed semen! in the following line-up you can find a great selection of genomic Brown Swiss sires we can offer you with sexed semen! Short-term changes are possible. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information. With a “click” on the bull name you are directly linked to his breeding values.

AMOR 10/356730 (Anibal x Huray x Dynamit)

+ A2A2 + BB + aAa: 342156

The enormous will to perform of Huray-daughter Debora is also reflected by the genomic breeding values of AMOR. With more than +1100kg milk he belongs to the top genomic young sires. His dam Debora has finished her 3rd lactation with more than 12,300kg milk. The cow family of Amor can convince not only in milk performance, but also also in type. His granddam, Dynamit daughter Diana convinced with her impeccable feet&legs as well as the very well textured udder at the Jubilee show in Weilheim 2012. Debora herself impresses with an enormous rear udder width and height in combination with optimal teat placement and orientation. These traits can be also found among the genomic breeding values of Amor.

Index Brown Swiss AMOR

ANTONOV 10/435319 (Anibay x Vanpari x Vigor Noris)

- aAa - BB - aAa: 246135

Antonov can be traced back to the popular show cow Noris (S: Vigor) bred by the Brown Swiss breeder Kohn. Noris is as well the dam of Vavigo and Vintor.

Antonovs dam Nougat was sold as the most expensive heifer to Luxembourg at the first RBW Sale Night. On the paternal side you have with Huray Indira as well a great cow convincing with type and performance in the showring – Champion Brown Swiss Show / Bad Waldsee 2014.

Antonov is one the on hand your choice for type – he promises a lot of frame with deep bodies, elegant and feminine cows with best feet & legs and top udder quality. (Frame 115, Feet&Legs 123, Udder 126, Final Score 130). On the other hand high milk performances of more than +900 kg milk with positive protein percentages.

Antonov your choice for flawless animals for auctions and shows with high milk performance

Index Brown Swiss ANTONOV

Cadura HB 435267

CADURA 10/435267 (Cadence x Huxoy x Huray)

Cadura is one of the highest sons of Cadence in Germany and comes out of the old I-clan from the breeder Held. He makes high framed cows with very deep body and high fitness traits (120). With his udder of 123, he is an extremely bull for udder breeding, which especially bribes out with his extremely high and wide rear udder and a long fore udder.

Index Brown Swiss CADURA

PARTL 10/608647 (Pizarro x Huxoy x Pronto)

- AA - A1A1 -

Partl is a type strong Brown Swiss sire promising tall framed daughters with good feet&legs (114) and very good udder quality (122) – Final Type Score 117. Aditionally he promises high milk performances of more than 1000kg milk with negative components. In the Fitness traits (FIT 118) he leaves nothing to be desired and impresses with great milking speed and healthy udders.

Index Brown Swiss PARTL


HUDSON 10/345140 (Husold x Easton x Achet x Pronto)

The Brown Swiss sire HUDSON (Husold x Easton x Achet x Pronto) has an interesting pedigree and derives from the farm of Peter Maigler /Argenbühl. Hudson convinces with his balanced breeding pattern. A lot of milk in combination with good functional traits where especially outstanding persistence 133 and longevity 114 and not to forget the good type traits.

Index Brown Swiss HUDSON

HOCHFORM 10/345365 (Hobbit x Vasir x General x Hussli Orka)

- BB – aAa: 462351 – A2A2

Among the Brown Swiss sires the name of the genomic young sire Hochform (translation “Top Form”) says it all. According to the milk index 125 and the breeding value for milk-kg of +1008 kg he is one of the best Brown Swiss Sires in these traits and impresses as well with type traits and fitness. The cow family he is deriving from represents the qualities of German Brown Swiss at its best. Dam Otwin a Vasir-daughter has already calved 4 times, grand-dam Otto has left the herd in her 8th lactation. Grand-grand dam Orka (S: Hussli) a well-known and bull dam is still alive and had her 11th calf just a few months ago. She impresses us with a lifetime performance of 146.101kg milk.

Index Brown Swiss HOCHFORM

VIPRO Pp 10/356770 (Viper Pp x Pronto x Husir)

The polled all-rounder! The young Viper P-son Vipro Pp promises an extra class of conformation. With a final type score of 127 points, he sets new standards in the field of polled breeding and is convincing in every aspect: Frame 114, Rumps 114, Feet&Legs 125 Udder 123 and Final Score (EXT) 127. He combines moderate milk yield with positive components and good fitness traits. On the mother´s side stands the uncomplicated Pronto daughter Mausi. Mausi convinces with enormous fine and dry feet&legs, as well as with a firmly attached and functional udder. The solid body connections and the good rumps complete her picture. With an average 10,500kg milk plus 4,35&fat and 3,56%protein she can as well convince in the performance traits.

Index Brown Swiss VIPRO Pp

AXOY 10/435306 (Assay x Huxoy x Huray)

- BB - A2A2

AXOY is like his popular father Assay (Anibal x Payssli) – a top choice for conformation since he stands out with a final score of 130. He derives from the well-known Edge cow family (Mono Edge, Just so Emory Edge ET) from Wisconsin. The cow-family impresses with high performances as well. His daughter promise to present a lot of frame, capacity and wide rumps. Best feet&legs (123) and udders are the foundation to produce top class animals for sale and show cows. Additionally he promises best functional traits. Axoy your choice for a healthy and long-lasting cow.

Index Brown Swiss AXOY

BISTO 10/435297 (Biver x Easton x Pronto II)

- A2A2 - BB

Bisto is with the combination Biver x Easton x Pronto x Debis x Westgate x Simon x Ezzo x Punch Ray completely free of Hussli blood and therefore a real alternative for the bloodline. He comes out of the farm Albinger- Steigmiller, Biberach, since 20 years organic, whose cows have on the average of last 6 generations 7 calves. On the father side stands the current top sire of morphology Scherma Blooming Biver, which comes out of a high performance cow family. The mother side shows with the successful cow Easton Forteas also the best morphology combined with high milk performance and longevity. The F-family stands for fertile and durable cows with success on exhibitions.
Bisto himself shows that all in his morphology, on a final score of 137 and good milk performance with positive ingredients.

Index Brown Swiss BISTO

ASSAY 10/435234 (Anibal x Payssli x Huray)

- AB - A2A2 - aAa: 243615

The high-type German Brown Swiss bull Assay is an udder specialist bred by Michael Muller / Bad Wurzach, who is currently expanding his herd from 180 to 250 cows. The dam of Assay - Payssli daughter Quali was genomic tested as a heifer with 130 for udder and 124 for the frame, making her one of the highest testing heifers in Europe. Behind Quali the Q-family traces through Huray, Viner and Proliner. The family is noted for durability with 6 generations averaging 5 calves each and in average with 1000kg above the herd mates. Expect tall, long framed cows with good width of chest and rump and shallow, well attached udders. Assay daughters promise average milk performance with positive components! With Final Score 130 and udder 130 one of the best type sires with no compromise in performance.

Index Brown Swiss ASSAY

EUREGIO 10/608538 (Eudego x Huray x President)

+ BB + aAa:426351 + A2A2

Euregio derives from ourcross sire Eudego and Huray-daughter Nelke from the farm of Brown Swiss breeder Kröll/Tyrol. In the maternal pedigree you can find many popular sires like President, Emerald, Jupiter, Jinxson, Regal, Briteroy and Zelad and cows between 7 - 9 calvings. Euregio promises average milk performance with positive components in combination with good functional traits (longevity 100, persistency 115, udder health 113) and functional type traits.

Index Brown Swiss EUREGIO

VASILIOS PS 10/345385 (Vasient Pp x Jockl x Huray)

- BB

Vasilios PS is probably the most complete son of Vasient Pp and broad the offer of polled bulls. He let expect a high will for milking on proper milking speed and top udder health. The very good inheritance of feet&legs and udder of Vasilios PS will be secured by a cow family, which completely convince with optics and a will of production, especially the extreme durability of the udders on high milk performance.

Index Brown Swiss VASILIOS PS


HONOREM 10/345255 (Hobbit x Ettal x Premstar)

- aAa: 423651 - AB – A1A2 -

Hobbit-son Honorem makes one´s ears prick up with an udder score of 122. He derives of Ettal-daughter Domino, whose son Hansl impresses with outstanding type traits as well. Domino has meanwhile 5 calves and astonishes with her fresh appearance and extraordinary components of 5,05%fat and 3,81%protein. High components are the characteristics of this longlasting cow family. Several generations no ancestors of Honorem left before the 6th calve. Granddam Dolfi has meanwhile 7 lactations and impresses with her fresh appearance on the farm. The cow family ensures additionally the high fitness traits of Honorem.

Index Brown Swiss HONOREM

VASAN PP 10/345880 (Vasient x Huray)

- BB

Vasan PP is a homozygote-polled son of the bull Vasient from the Brown Swiss breeding farm Kaiser . His daughters are high framed with deep body and long rumps. On medium milk yield, he provides a good persistency and longevity. He stands furthermore for a top udder (113), which is extremely long and well attached. Sexed semen is available from middle of April on.

Index Brown Swiss VASAN PP

BLOWER 10/608632 (Bloomin x Joel)

BB - A2A2

BLOWER was bred in Vorarlberg and derives from the Joel-daughter Abigail and her grandmother Denver-Atlantik, which won various championships in Austria. Abigail stands out not only with her excellent type but also convinces with the force of a Brown Swiss cow, namely with components. In 5 lactations she produced 8,360 kg milk with 4.94 % fat and 4.14 % protein.
Blower himself sires big framed cows (128) with excellent feet&legs (130) and udders (127). His final score amounts to 133. On an average of milk quantity he shows +0.14% on protein.

Index Brown Swiss BLOWER