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We’re proud to present you an excellent offer of top Brown Swiss genetics available also with sexed semen! in the following line-up you can find a great selection of genomic Brown Swiss sires we can offer you with sexed semen! Short-term changes are possible. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information. With a “click” on the bull name you are directly linked to his breeding values.

VERDI 10/354600 (Versace x Pronto x Hussli)

- BB - aAa: 546312 - A2A2

Verdi was and is the Brown Swiss sire who is very popular among the Brown Swiss breeders because of his protein percentage +0,12%. Additionally his functional traits with the outstanding Longevity, udder health and persistency are very appealing. His daughters are expected to be functional cows with an average type. All in all, his breeding pattern is very close to his dam Idro. Pronto daughter Idro bred by Hubert/Jörg Betzigau represents exactly these traits and although she has meanwhile her 9th calve she is presenting herself in a great shape.

Index Brown Swiss VERDI

VINTAGE 10/344620 (Vincent x Jublend x President)

aAa: 234165 – AB – A2A2

VINTAGE is one of the few tested Vincent-sons and a very complete sire. He derives from the extraordinary and deep cow family of Jublend-daughter Osaria and shows a quite interesting pedigree. His daughters show a medium frame with long rumps, perfect positioned thurl and tight backline. Feet&legs show correct angularity in the rear leg set with strong pasterns and high hoofs. Vintage daughters convince with both high productivity from long and high attached udders and great fitness where especially the great udder health and milking speed stand out.

Index Brown Swiss VINTAGE

Video Brown Swiss progeny group VINTAGE

HIDALGO 10/356590 (Hussant x Emerog x Pronto)

- BB - aAa: 243615 - A2A2

With a rump index of 125, Hidalgo is at the moment one of the strongest sires for rumps on Brown Swiss breed. The daughters, strong on body and fertile, are equipped with accurate feet&legs as well as with top udders, which specially impress with correct teats. On good milk performance of +834kg milk, he is slightly scarcer on ingredients, but has a good milking speed.

Index Brown Swiss HIDALGO

PERKINS 10/356630 (Payboy x Huray x Pronto)

- aAa: 423615 - AB

Strength and power are features of the high-type Payboy-son Perkins and is deeply rooted in the cow family, bred by Martin Kriesmeier/Wessobrunn. His dam Huray-daughter Blume EX-92 is now in her 6th lactation and averages 9475 kg at 3,56%protein! Perkins promises tall cows with wide chest and lots of body depth and more straight rear leg set. He promises outstanding udder quality with impressive rear udders. The performance figures are slightly under the average, but in combination with positive components. Additionaly his daughters convince with best milking speed, healthy udders and top fertility as well.

Index Brown Swiss PERKINS

HACKER 10/343980 (Huray x Hucos x Simerl)

AB – aAa: 654123 – A2A2 -

The early Huray-son sires a lot of milk and good type traits. In the functional he convinces with 115 in Fitness, 112 in Longevity 108 udder health and persistency 122. Hacker derives from a medium framed, robust Hucos daughter with a wide chest from the farm of Josef Guggemos/Eisenberg. The calving figures confirm him as easy calving sire that can be recommended for heifer insemninations. Hacker your sire for cows with excellent feet&legs, appealing milk performance and great fitness.

Index Brown Swiss HACKER


HARRISON 10/344860 (Harley x Wurnlinho x Hucos Rikone)

- BB - aAa: 426351 – A2A2

HARRISON is a young Harley-son out of the long-lasting and high performing cow family of Hucos Rikone.This cow family has already proven their qualities with the already progeny tested sires Prinz and Vegas. Harrisons dam Rinha is currently in the 7th lactation and presents herself with a medium frame, high performances and very clear bones as well as a very well attached udder. Harrison has his first daughters in milk and type. Currently he has +717kg milk combined with slightly positive protein-percentage. The daughters impress with their fitness, where especially udder health and milking speed stand out. Especially the udder quality of Harrison is a real eye-catcher. With 119 in udder score he is above his famous father and also in the other traits he leaves nothing to be desired. His daughters convince as well in the feet&legs with very high hoofs and strong pasterns, nevertheless the steeper rear leg set must be considered.

Index Brown Swiss HARRISON

GLARUS 10/344750 (Glenn x Zeus Dinar x Vinozak Diva)

- AB - aAa: 243615 – A2A2

GLARUS is the highest Glenn son in TMI and derives from one of the most popular Brown Swiss cow families with Zeus Dinar and the German National Champion Vinozak Diva. This family is impressing with both type and performance on a very high level. Due to his not very common pedigree and the excellent calving figures, he is one of the most interesting all-rounders and suitable for heifer inseminations. His daughters present long, wide and optimally attached udders, with a very strong central ligament. The feet&legs of the Glarus daughters show strong pasterns and high hoofs.

Index Brown Swiss GLARUS

HUCK 10/356730 (Hucos x Huray Mona x Vinikt)

+ BB + aAa: 243615 + A2A2

The famous Huray-daughter Mona is the dam of Huck and as well from the very popular Juleng-son Jaguar. The exceptional quality of this cow was the reason for Greifenberg to test this late Hucos- son. Huck impresses with the good performances and the type traits of his daughters. Especially the excellent longevity (115) and the high milking speed (119) attract the attention of many dairy farmers

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