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Fleckvieh - Sexed semen available - genomic young sires

Zazu 10/180888 (Zepter x Watt x Humpert)

The currently best Zepter son ZAZU ranks high in the lists of all Fleckvieh bulls. With its extremely high genomic TMI he convinces in all traits. Both his high Milk Index, the very good beef performance in combination with the strong fitness traits make ZAZU a Fleckvieh all-rounder, which excels in all individual breeding values. Also in the type traits this well developed and strong young Fleckvieh bull can convince. ZAZU promises medium-framed daughters with best feet&legs and good good udder composite. Due to his descent from father Zepter and maternal grand-sire Humpert, he leads despite highest breeding values rare Fleckvieh blood and can be widely used as an outcross Fleckvieh all-rounder.

Index Fleckvieh ZAZU

Walint 10/190749 (Walk x Mint x Vogt)

WALINT is currently one of highest genomic young sires in the Fleckvieh breed concerning TMI. He derives from the cow family of our reliable production Fleckvieh sire Everest. His dam Geno a Mint-daughter unifies high performances and best type. His grand-dam Glucke has several sons at A.I and his great-granddam Glocke is the dam of the progeny tested Humpert-son Humphrey. Walint can rely on an enormous wide and well-proven cow family, that can convince with both bulls and daughters milking on several farms. The young Fleckvieh Sire Walint promises the ideal dual-purpose type on a very high level with more than +1.000kg milk and excellent beef performance. Additionally he impresses with great figures for the functional traits and udder composite.

Index Fleckvieh WALINT

Maestro Pp 10/167530 (Mahango Pp x Odes x Weintor)

+ A2A2

MAESTRO Pp is one of the most complete polled Fleckvieh bulls, which stands out with excellent genomic breeding values. In addition to a high milk performance, he promises fitness-strong daughters with appealing conformation. Above all, the udder inheritance with optimal teat position is striking. In addition to the exceptionally strong mother, grandmother and great-grandmother are still on the farm and underline the fitness strength of this Fleckvieh cow family. With the combination of Mahango Pp x Odes x Weintor x Gebalot, Maestro Pp offers an attractive pedigree thus he can be recommended for many matings.

Index Fleckvieh MAESTRO Pp

Horizont 10/859683 (Hubraum x Wille x Ettal)

Horizont originates as well as Vaenomenal and Iserschee from the well-known Fleckvieh farm Frieb. This young Fleckvieh sire combines in his genomic breeding values in perfection best milk performance , impressive feet&legs (117), top udder quality (119) and very good fitness (FIT 115). The Horizont daughters can be expected to be medium-framed cows with good feet&legs and firmly attached udders. In the functional traits Horizont is positive in all single traits in every respect. He unifies best milking speed (124) with healthy udders!

Index Fleckvieh HORIZONT

Fleckvieh MIDWEST

Midwest 10/167486 (Mint x Everest x Vanstein)

- AB - A2A2 -

The genomic Fleckvieh sire MIDWEST combines with Mint x Everest x Vanstein x Rochen solely highly positive proven Fleckvieh bulls in his pedigree. Due to the bull Busserl, from the Midwest great-grandmother Betti, the dam's side can refer to a positive tested sire, as well. The enormously deep-ribbed Midwest dam Eva shows a lot of capacity and excites with her milk performance at enormously high fat contents of av. 4.90%. From her, the first daughter has already calved, and with an initial test milking of over 35kg of milk, she seems to follow in her mother's footsteps. Other half-sisters of the Midwest mother underpin the inheritance picture of this Fleckvieh cow family impressively. MIDWEST your choice for performance, fitness and conformation at a high level.

Index Fleckvieh MIDWEST

Mahoni Pp* 10/606264 (Mahango Pp x Reumut x Winnipeg)

+ A1A2

With MAHONI Pp it starts a very young son of the well-known Mahango P on A.I. insemination. He comes out of a proven and well-known cow-family, which demonstrates successfully their adaptability in various farms on Germany and Austria. On the traits of performance and functionality, he shows a well-balanced image of inheritance. Especially his heritage of morphology may beats many breeder hearts faster. With an udder index of 126 points, he makes the peak on the naturally polled bulls, what is underpinned by mothers father Reumut.

Index Fleckvieh MAHONI Pp

Fleckvieh MAHONI Pp

HOLLYWOOD 10/865555 (Hutera x Manton x Resolut)

HOLLYWOOD 865555 is currently the best Hutera son in TMI and the N°1 in milk yiels. If you are looking for a dual-purpose sire with extreme strengths in milk yield (almost + 1,600kg milk) and nevertheless very good beef performance, then HOLLYWOOD is the right choice for you. Currently he is the highest milk quantity sire in the Fleckvieh breed. The high genomic calving index, its balanced conformation and as well its long-lasting cow family are further strengths of Hollywood.

Index Fleckvieh HOLLYWOOD


Eversun 10/857476 (Evergreen x Waldbrand x Vanstein)

EVERSUN is one of the best Evergreen sons at AI concerning type traits. On the female side of the pedigree, you can find solely well-proven sire of sons: Waldbrand x Vanstein x Horwart x Romen. The Eversun dam Hofdame shows an enormous capacity and impresses with a second lactation of 9,400kg plus top components of 4.66% fat and 3.87% protein. Even after the third calf, the udder of Eversun dam Hofdame convinces with a hugely firm attachment, supported by the taut fore udder attachment and the strong central ligament. In the genomic breeding values of Eversun the signature of the cow family can be clearly recognized. In addition to the high performances Eversun also promises easy to milk udders.

Index Fleckvieh EVERSUN


Viantor 10/859360 (Viano x Manitoba x Waterberg)

Viantor is due to his high genomic breeding values for Total Merit Index, Milk Index, Fitness and type among the top sires in the genomic Fleckvieh list. He especially stands out with his top value for udder composite which is underlined by his excellent cow family. His dam as well as his two half-sisters delight with their performance and a high performance increase in the further lactations in combination with great conformation. Particularly udder attachment and teat placement convince. Very interesting is as well the great positive fat-percentage of Viantor. The young Fleckvieh sire Viantor offers a complete package of type, milk, fitness and beef performance.

Index Fleckvieh VIANTOR

Dream 10/606266 (Dax x Everest x WIlhelm)

As the name suggests: Dream is a very beautiful Fleckvieh sire that impresses with his appearance and type. This DAX – son shows a lot of body capacity and was bought at the elite auction sale of the Austrian Fleckvieh Show in April 2017. He impresses with his appearance and a very balanced breeding pattern. His dam is a very deep and wide young cow (Everest daughter) with excellent feet&legs plus very well textured and attached udder. Dream combines a type strong paternal line with out of an alternate pedigree with a high performing cow family, that impresses with great feet&legs as well.

Index Fleckvieh DREAM

Fleckvieh DREAM

Fleckvieh POSSMANN

Possmann 10/646300 (Polaroid x Everest x Imposim)

Possman is currently among the top sires of the genomic list. The Polaroid son derives from Esmeralda, a high performing Everest daughter. He provides very good milk performance in combination with great fat-% and neutral protein. Possmann is an ideal representative of the dual-purpose type, since in addition to his milk performances he also inherits good beef values. Among the functional traits the great longevity as well as the good udder health have to be pointed out. In conformation Possmann promises medium-framed cows with optimum muscularity. Additionally the udders are held by a strong central ligament and the feet and legs with strong pasterns seem to leave nothing to be desired.

Index Fleckvieh POSSMANN

Manolo Pp 10/856830 (Manigo x Wapuls x Ralmesbach PS)

MANOLO Pp is a Fleckvieh sire the polled breeding program was waiting for. With his high TMI he is among the best polled sires and can as well compete with all the other "normal" Fleckvieh sires. His father Manigo is a reliable proven elite sire, which has a positive impact on the reliability of his breeding values. His breeding values reflect the qualities of his cow family in perfection. The direct ancestors of Manolo Pp appeal with their substance, strong fitness traits, enormous wide rumps, functional udders and top feet&legs. This is reflected by the type traits he is promising to sire to his progeny. And on top of that he suits for heifer inseminations.

Index Fleckvieh MANOLO Pp

Fleckvieh MANOLO Pp

Vernando 10/857006 (Reumut x Everest x Malibu)

+ aAa:354162 + A2A2

VERNANDO is a late Reumut-Sohn that originates from the Fleckvieh-farm of Buerger. His dam Everest daughter Roleva impresses with both type and performance; she has finished her first lactation more than 10.400kg milk. Roleva was part of the Everest progeny group presented 2015 and was selected as Champion young of the VFR show 2015. Vernando unfies the qualities of his dam: He promises top conformation with great udder composite in combination with good milk performance, beef performance plus fitness. Since generations the cow family of Roleva is already very successful with both many bull dams as well as positive proven Fleckvieh sires.

Index Fleckvieh VERNANDO


Miraculix 10/856940 (Mint x Everest x Imposium)

- aAa: 345216 - A1A1

This son of Mint promises extremely good udders with a very high milk performance. Especially his milking speed seems to be very good. He brings medium framed daughters with very dry joints and strong pasterns.

Index Fleckvieh MIRACULIX

Magier 10/856710 (Manigo x Rau x Humlang Liesel)

- A1A2 -

The genomic Fleckvieh young sire Magier derives from the Wille-cow family and has developed quite well since he was bought at the auction sale. A short summary of Manigo-son Magier: strong genomic breeding values in combination with a very popular cow family and interesting pedigree. Especially the genomic type traits for feet&legs 120 and udder 127 stand out. His grand-dam Humlang-Liesel is the dam of Fleckvieh performance sire Wille, who was very popular in the Fleckvieh breed. On the maternal side the udder traits are ensured by Rau-daughter Liane. Liane impresses after 4 calvings with extremely high udder floor and strong udder attachment, which is as well reflected by the breeding values of Magier. Her average performance is 9,800kg milk with high 3.76%protein. Grand-dam Liesel has 8 calvings and in average 10,074kg milk and 3.60% protein.

Index Fleckvieh MAGIER

Fleckvieh MEGA PP

Mega PP 10/193930 - (Mahango Pp x Witam PS x Ralmesbach PS)

- AA - A1A1 -

This very interesting Mahango son is one of the best homozygous hornless Fleckvieh sires. 100% polled progenies. Mega PP derives from the naturally hornless Witam PS daughter Pega, a half-sister of the well-known Fleckvieh bull Incredible PP. Mega PP promises a good milk yield in combination with positive components and best milking speed. With an excellent beef performance (120) he represents the ideal dual-purpose type. He promises tall animals with long bodies. The functional feet&legs show a tendency to more angle. The functional udders are well and high attached.

Index Fleckvieh MEGA PP

Polarlicht 10/186749 (Polarbär x Ermut x Rustico)

- A2A2 - aAa: 423651

POLARLICHT is a real outcross bull that can be widely used in the Fleckvieh population. With the combination of Polarbär x Ermut x Rustico x Hulock neither Winnipeg nor Vanstein occur in his pedigree. Three generations of cow families confirm his qualities. Polarlicht-daughters are medium framed animals with excellent feet & legs and high productions.

Index Fleckvieh POLARLICHT


Fleckvieh VERMEER

Vermeer 10/856370 (Reumut x Sanddorn x Hades)

- aAa: 423651 – A1A2 - FH5

VERMEER has some famous ancestors: Reumut x Sanddorn x Hades x Alpos. The Alpos-daughter is the winner of the European Cow Championship Reni. Romel-daughter Romelie also already impressed on the show grounds. This young genomic sire promises a high milk production, positive milk components and excellent milking speed. The udders are outstanding with long foreudders and a strong suspensory ligament. Vermeer is the perfect choice for breeders who are looking for milk production, udder quality and functionality in a bull with alternative bloodlines.

Index Fleckvieh VERMEER