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We’re proud to present you an excellent offer of top Fleckvieh genetics available also with sexed semen! in the following line-up you can find a great selection of top progeny tested Fleckvieh sires we can offer you with sexed semen!

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VILLEROY 10/171300 (Reumut x Ettal x Zahner)

A1A1 - 423615

VILLEROY derives from the famous Imposium- cow family and convinces with a high milk production. He sires medium framed cows with very good fitness, especially as far as longevity and fertility are concerned. Villeroy daughtes have tight udders with correct teat placement and high milking speed.

Index Fleckvieh VILLEROY

MOGUL 10/171266 (Manigo x Vanstein x Dionis)


MOGUL, is currently the Manigo son with the highest TMI. This progeny tested Fleckvieh sire derives of the beautiful Vanstein daughter Nichte with 7 lactations and sires a good milk performance with positive components plus a top beef performance. His fitness traits, especially udder health are very good as well. Mogul is due to his confirmed easy calvings the perfect choice for heifer inseminations. The Mogul daughters present a good frame and a decent muscling. Feet&legs of this Fleckvieh sire and his daughters are outstanding and can inspire especially with the very dry hock development. The great udders have a very good udder attachment in the front. The teats are optimal in length and convince with a top placement and stroke position. The perfect choice for robotic milking systems.

Index Fleckvieh MOGUL

VITAMIN 10/190027 (Vanadin x Winnipeg x Romel)

- aAa: 465213 - A1A2

The Fleckvieh sire VITAMIN is currently the best son of the dual-purpose specialist Vanadin and the best grandson of Oldstar Vanstein. In the December sire proof run, Vitamin started his progeny tested career on a very high level (TMI 137). His dam, an extremely powerful Winnipeg daughter, is meanwhile in her 7th lactation. Combining high milk yield and extremely good beef performance, Vitamin sires like his father Vanadin dual-purpose in perfection. Additionally he is as well the choice for great fitness. Here especially persistence (123), fertility (114) and longevity (118) stand out. His tall daughters are well-muscled walk on optimally angled hocks and very high hoofs. The functional udders show a very good fore udder attachment and impress with optimal teat position and placement.

Index Fleckvieh VITAMIN

Fleckvieh VITAMIN

WISCONA 10/163940 (Wille x Ruap x Zaral)

WISCONA is out of the well-known and impressive Ruap-daughter Jana. He starts with an excellent TMI of 127 and milk index 111 on best beef index of 120. His very good 100-days performances and the excellent persistency of his cow family will stabilise or possibly slightly increase his index values. Optimal in udder health and milking speed, he impresses with best morphology. His high framed daughters have good feet&legs and outstanding udders (118).

Index Fleckvieh WISCONA

SEHRGUT 10/163990 (Serano x Winnipeg x Ralbit)

The translation of the name SEHRGUT is „Very Good“. Fleckvieh sire Sehrgut has a high TMI, since he sires a high milk index with more than +1,000kg milk and positive protein percentage plus above average beef value. His daughters present optimum frame and functional type with good feet&legs and extremely long udders and strong central ligament. The well-developed and longer teats can compensate fine teats. SEHRGUT derives from an extremely long-lasting and high performing cow family. Dam Emili, a well-known show cow has meanwhile eight lactations with in average almost +12.000 kg milk and +906kg fat+protein. In the functional traits especially the excellent udder health and calve vitality of SEHRGUT stand out. His very easy calvings confirm him as perfect choice for heifer inseminations!

Index Fleckvieh SEHRGUT

EVEREST 10/179900 (Ermut x Winnipeg x Hippo)

+ aAa: 534162 + A2A2

Everest is currently the sire in the Fleckvieh breed that stands like no one else for high milk performances. In this economically very important trait he belongs to the top sires among Fleckvieh. Very impressive is that despite the high performances the daughters are showing good substance and fertility as well. His medium framed daughters convince with body width and depth, great feet&legs and long, well textured udders. The perfect teat placement and orientation finalize the good udder composite, but due to the high milk performance the udders show partly more volume. Several thousand calvings confirm Everest as absolute easy calving bull that brings very vital and well growing calves.

Index Fleckvieh EVEREST

Video Progeny Fleckvieh EVEREST

HUBERT 10/199730 (Hutera x Mandy x Gebalot)

+ aAa: 435216 + A1A2

The Fleckvieh bull HUBERT offers the rare combination of excellent frame and positive calving ease, thus he can be recommended for heifers as well. Hubert's first daughters have already completed a 100-day performance of 2,673kg of milk with 4.08% fat and 3.30% protein, making him a solid milk sire with an outstanding + 0.24% for fat and +0.15 % for protein in combination with top milking speed. In the type traits Hubert brings daughters with a lot of body depth and length. The Hubert daughters show in addition to an optimal rump position correct feet&legs with high claws. The small-volume udders are enormously high and firmly attached, which expresses the high udder note of 120 points. Not too extreme teat position and placement allows use in robotic milking systems. The beef index of 109 points completes the picture of Hubert as the perfect Fleckvieh dual-purpose sire.

Index Fleckvieh / Fleckvieh sire HUBERT


MAXX 10/646028 (MG x RUREX x WINNIPEG)


MAXX is a son of MG out of the high performing Rurex-daughter Black Pearl. Great granddam Bosca was breed on the farm Bürger, Wiebelsheim and is a well known bulldam. Maxx daughters are more dairy and convince with high milk yields of almost +1,000kg milk, but good fertility as well. They are walking on very good feet & legs and impress in their functional traits with excellent persistency , udder health and longevity . In the udder composite he convinces with the very strong fore udder attachement and the udder depth.

Index Fleckvieh MAXX

ROTBERG *TP 10/198630 (Round Up x Rügen x Horwart)

+ aAa: 432516 + A1A2

Round-Up son Rotberg offers the ideal balance of milk + beef + fitness. The well muscled Rotberg-daughters show sufficient frame, a lot of capacity and have a high capacity of fodder intake, which is reflected by the good milk performance. The udder shows less volume with a tendency to longer teats. Rotberg can be used to improve milking speed (116) and udder health (115) – a rare combination. Rotberg is carrier of Thrombopathie (TP) – please consider carefully in mating.

Index Fleckvieh ROTBERG

WILDNIS 10/180110 (TP) – (Wildwest x Martl-De x Randy)

+ aAa: 342516

Wildnis is a son of probably the best Winnipeg-son Wildwest, where only semen was available only limited. Wildwest daughter convince on shows. Wildnis represents with his father and his phenomenal cow-family longevity, performance and show potential. The cow family of Wildnis is characterized by long-lasting cows. Dam Martel has meanwhile 8 calvings and 90.000kg lifetime performance. His grand-dam Schoene, is a very successful show cow and she has reached 12 calvings and more than 100.000kg lifetime performance. The easy calving Wildnis promises a very balanced breeding pattern which is underlined by a convincing cow family.

Index Fleckvieh WILDNIS

MARMOR PS 10/ 163228 (Malhaxl x Ralmesbach PS x Romel)

+ aAa: 324165

The naturally polled Fleckvieh sire Marmor PS shows a very balanced breeding pattern. He unifies strong fitness traits and solid milk performance. The udders are long with a strong central ligament and correct teat placement. Teat length should be considered in mating. Marmor derives from a very successful and type strong cow-family. A progeny group of Marmor PS daughters was presented in Weilheim 2015 and convinced many visitors.

Index Fleckvieh MARMOR PS

Video progenygroup MARMOR PS