Explanation of symbols - Holstein

Explanation of symbols - Holstein


HBNr. herdbook number;

LOM: eartag number

* date of birth

AA, AB, BB: Cappa casein

A2A2 A1A2 A2A2 : Beta Casein

P, Pp, PP, PS: polled status (further information on www.spermex.de)
gGZW combines partial breeding values for various traits in a genomical optimized total merit index (page 46), reliability (rel.) in %.
MW: Milk performance: +788 -0,18 +24 +0,01 +27 MW 119 90% means: breeding values for milk quantity, butterfat-%,
butterfat-kg, protein-%, protein-kg. MW is an index for milk combining milk-, butterfat- and protein quantity and percentage; reliability in %.