Brown Swiss and Fleckvieh in Peru


Visiting Peruvian Cattle Breeders

Feria Nacional, Cutervo

Brown Swiss in Peru

Together with their Peruvian distributor, Clímaco Cardenas, SPERMEX organized several information events for Brown Swiss and Fleckvieh breeders in Peru. Besides seminars in the towns of Ayacucho and Cajamarca, where also the provincial governments and local universities were involved, a Brown Swiss field day was organized at „Establo el Paraiso“.


Field day

In the Mantaro-valley near Huancayo the Lapel family runs a remarkable Brown Swiss farm with 147 heads at an altitude of 3.300m. The milk of the 52 dairy cows is processed to ice cream directly on the farm and marketed at the surrounding villages and towns and even to the capital Lima. Surplus milk currently is sold to Gloria, the only big creamery of Peru. In order to escape the low milk price, the Lapel family wants to start making cheese this autumn. In the course of the field day representatives of SPERMEX reported on the Brown Swiss breed and Dr. Georg Röhrmoser from the Southern German Cattle Breeders Association explained the German system of Linear Description at the example of three selected Brown Swiss cows of different ages. Furthermore the first HACKER and VANPARI-progeny were exhibited, vital calves that raise high expectations regarding milk production. As a special treat for their German guests the Lapel-family invited a Peruvian dancing chorus, which presented traditional Peruvian dances. Also they treated all guests of the field day to an excellent dinner.

Feria Nacional Cutervo, Campeona

National Fleckvieh Show

The highlight of the tour was the 3rd National Fleckvieh Show at Cutervo on the 23rd of June. 200 Fleckvieh cattle out of the region and the neighboring areas competed against each other – calves, heifers, cows and bulls. Dr. Georg Röhrmoser from the Southern German Cattle Breeders Association had the honorable duty to range the animals and select the champions.

The Peruvian farmers showed a great interest in these events. Due to its excellent adaptability and production German Brown Swiss and Fleckvieh genetics is high in demand in Peru.

We would like to thank our distributor in Peru, Clímaco Cardenas for the excellent organization of the program and the representatives of the local governments and universities of Ayacucho, Cajamarca and Cutervo for their great commitment. Particularly we would like to thank Freddy Lapel and his wife from Establo el Paraiso for the organization of the field day on their farm and the excellent dinner. Also we would like to congratulate all exhibitors from the national Fleckvieh Show at Cutervo to their animals and wish them all the best for their future.