Bull Parade AI center Nordschwaben


Bull Parade AI center Nordschwaben

Fleckvieh Bull parade Besamungsverein Nordschwaben June 2018

Fleckvieh bulls in the ring! On the first weekend in June, the AI Center of Northern Swabia invited for the ninth time to the bull parade on the station grounds in Höchstädt. The visitors were welcomed with brilliant sunshine and top Fleckvieh genetics.

It is for many farmers and breeders the ideal opportunity to get an own impression of the Fleckvieh bulls they are using in their herd or they are planing to use. 

The director of the AI center Dr. Frank Bosselmann presented to nearly 1,300 guests from Germany and abroad 44 bulls from the very young genomic Fleckvieh sires to Everest - who is now the oldest Fleckviehbulle at station with 8 years! The full list of all presented bulls is available as download!

The bull parade was opened by an exotic bull the Wagyu sire ITOMAYBE. Followed by the homozygous polled beef Fleckvieh / SImmental bulls LEGOLAS PP (Larius PP x Egon PP), HECTOR PP (Hallas PP x Bruno Pp) und ZEDER PP (Zambia x Apostle)

Polled Fleckvieh genetics

Afterwards the polled section was opened by the group of the naturally polled Mahango-sons. Led by beautiful dark-covered MAGNET Pp (Mahango Pp x Vlax) from a long-lasting cow family, followed by MATATA Pp (MV Manigo), who has a very well-balanced breeding profile, and finally MAFFAY Pp. MAFFAY Pp has with Williams a sire from Höchstädt on the maternal side of the pedigree and derives from a type strong and long-lived cow family. The half-brothers MUFASA PP and HAKUNA Pp stem from an Irola PS daughter and offer a good alternative in the polled segment. MINERAL Pp is a polled Mint son who promises high milk yield in combination with very good udders.

Genomic Fleckvieh sires

Here too, a wide range of bulls were presented, including ZAZU (Zepter x Humpert), MORI (Monumental x Reumut) and HERZPOCHEN (Heartbeat x Vanadin), the top three bulls ranked by TMI at the station.

DREAM (Dax x Everest) as well as IMPERATIV (Impression x Wille) and HUGOBOSS (Hutera x Wille) have developed excellently. All bulls are in great demand both nationally and internationally. Imperative is an exception bull at the station, which can also be recommended for heifer inseminations. Due to its balanced breeding profile with high milk components, top conformation and very easy calvings he is a very popular Fleckvieh sire.

HUTERA sons and grandsons

In addition to Hug Boss and Herzpochen the Hutera grandson, Hollywood the latest access in this category at the station was also eagerly awaited. Hollywood is a late Hutera son, but the current N ° 1 of the half-sibling group. This young genomic test sire promises an enormous milk yield of almost + 1600kg of milk in combination with very good beef performance. Dual-purpose on a very high level. In contrast Humana has already the first daughters in milk, looking very promising, thus Humana (MS: Wal) is expected in August with his first progeny tested breeding values.

Fleckvieh bulls - progeny tested

PAZIFIK (Passion x Huascaran) is a beautiful dark-coated bull from the cow family of udder specialist Inhof as well as VOCADO (Vulcano x Romtell), who suits for heifer inseminations as well as to improve type. Last but not least all-round sire WALDFUCHS (Waldbrand x Rau), impressed with his side view. MURILLO Pp (Mungo Pp x Vanstein) offers excellent milk yield and foundations and is the perfect choice for heifers as well followed by VIERA (Reumut x Manitoba). ZOMBIE (Zauber x Rumgo) impressed in the ring and is an easy calving all-rounder with very good conformation and very good fitness traits.

This year's Fleckvieh bull parade was finished by four well looking progeny tested Fleckvieh sires: Wyoming's highest son according to TMI - WEYDEN (MV: Gebalot), outcross sire WATT (Willenberg x Rau), WISCONA (Wille x Ruap) and last but not least EVEREST (Ermut x Winnipeg). For many, the star of this day was again Ermut-Sohn EVEREST 10/179900, but this year he refused the vociferous greeting of the audience. With currently + 1074kg milk, he is the choice for high milk yield and easy calvings in combination with very good feet&legs and therefore a popular bull nationally and internationally.

Congratulations to the AI center Höchstädt for this great event and the excellent quality of the presented Fleckvieh bulls. A big thank you as well to the team of the AI center in Höchstädt, for such a great event and the high quality of their Fleckvieh bulls.

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