Everest - Bull of the month


Everest - A Fleckvieh legend




Everest - a real Fleckvieh legend - died last November at the age of 9.

Everest was one of the first “stars” of the genomic era and became famous when he was sold for 80.000 € to our member Besamungsverein Nordschwaben in January 2012. This Ermut-son from the high-performing and long-living Winnipeg-daughter Liniwin bred by the Eberlein family from Flachlandern convinced with high genomic breeding values and with the rare “Egel”-line on his paternal side. Already as a genomic young sire he was much in demand and still met the high expectations as a proven bull. Then as now, his daughters convince with enormously long udders and good feet & legs as as the daughter group in Wertingen proved in 2015.


Zwei Everest-Jungrinder auf der Agroexpo in Kolumbien

Everest was used all around the world: there are Everest progeny in Austria, Italy, Turkey, Eastern Europe or South America. Particularly successful were some of his daughters at the Agroexpo 2019 in Colombia.

He left his mark in the Fleckvieh population like very few others not only as a cow sire, but also as a bull sire and damsire. In our sire portfolio you will find sons (e.g. Ever and Evergo), grandsons (e.g. Edelstein) and great-grandsons (e.g. Emerald) of Everest. However, there is also still a solid semen stock of Everest himself.