New GGI - SPERMEX GmbH catalogues


New GGI - SPERMEX GmbH catalogues

Fleckvieh & Holstein

Dear Fleckvieh friends, partners and customers,

GGI-SPERMEX GmbH is delighted to present you our new Fleckvieh catalogue 2018/19 including an enhanced lineup from the German Fleckvieh sires. The data are based on the latest Interbull sire proof release dated August 2018.

Due to the current market conditions that are a major challenge for the dairy farmers, it has never been more important to increase the potential of the dairy cow in order to maximize efficiency and profitability of the herd. Functional easy handling cows with best health traits are the key for the success on all farming systems and profitable dairy production!

German Fleckvieh, the ideal dual-purpose breed offers you healthy cows with milk and beef at the highest level! You have an income of the high quality milk and in addition the Fleckvieh is a highly productive beef animal. This is reflected in the value of cull cows and the huge demand from beef rearing units for Fleckvieh bull calves.
The Fleckvieh breed offers a balanced product for the different requirements of dairy farming, environmental conditions and individual breeding goals all over the world.

Our latest Fleckvieh catalogue 2018/2019 offers a large number of sires with universal qualities, but also specialists for certain traits should you wish to address particular weaknesses in the herd. We continue to keep bloodlines as varied as possible. Progeny tested Fleckvieh sires descending from different sires and dam sires as well as a broad range of young genomic sires were selected. These bloodline options can be used more efficiently by mixing progeny and genomic young sires to avoid inbreeding problems like in other important breeds.

We are very proud that many of our genomic bulls from the past catalogues have confirmed their genomic breeding index very well. Nevertheless, you should follow the advice: “the lower the reliability of the proofs, the more bulls you should use to minimize the risk”. This catalogue contains a small selection of our top genetics out of the whole Fleckvieh breeding program, so please let us know if you require other bulls! In most of the countries, we are able to supply you with even more bulls, which fit your individual requirements.

With German Fleckvieh, the ideal dual-purpose breed, you can profit from both females and males. The male calves show excellent quality and gain consistently high prices in auction sales all over the world. Here the male calves have a value!

Nevertheless, the use of sexed semen has also become a larger issue among Fleckvieh. Those who want to increase the number of females in their herd without purchasing animals from outside or those who like to multiply their best cow families in a short term have the option to use sexed semen of some of the superior Fleckvieh bulls. Updates on Fleckvieh sires available with sexed semen are displayed on our website including some additional information on the bulls.

The polled gene in the Fleckvieh population benefited vastly from the genomic selection program, thus a high number of polled Fleckvieh sires with well-balanced figures and alternate pedigrees are available. The full range of our polled Fleckvieh sires can be found here: Fleckvieh polled genetics

Our complete range of Fleckvieh sires, which we offer to every regions of the whole world can be found on our website or contact us at After each proof release you will find up to date breeding values, as well as News and interesting information about new bulls, progenies and Dairy Events on our website, on the SPERMEX FACEBOOK page or on Google+.