Teat placement rear


New linear type trait „Teat placement rear“ for Fleckvieh

New linear type trait for Fleckvieh


Teat placement rear

With the sire proof run of April 2019 a new trait is introduced for Fleckvieh: "Teat placement rear". This new trait is intended to mitigate the actual trend of the rear teats getting too close. If the distance between the rear teats is too short, this results in problems during milking, especially in automatic milking systems.

The new trait "Teat placement rear" is placed between the traits “Teat placement front” and “Teat direction rear” in the bar chart for type traits. Any value between 97 – 103 is considered desirable (optimum: 100). However, very high breeding values for this trait mean that the daughters of this bull have too close rear teats.

Within the total udder score the new trait "Teat placement rear" is weighted with 8%.

Since there is a close genetic correlation between the traits "Teat placement rear", "Teat direction rear" and "Teat placement front", the optima in the bar chart for type traits were adjusted as follows:
Teat placement front: 113 - 119 (optimum: 116)
Teat direction rear: 97 - 103 (optimum: 100)