The European Brown Swiss Federation in Germany


The European Brown Swiss Federation in Germany

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The European Brown Swiss Federation in Germany

On the annual representative meeting of the European Union of Brown Ranchers, which was this time held in Herrsching, guests from several brown cattle breeds were guests in Germany. Former European President Christoph Nieberle of Germany resigned as President. The Committee of European Brown Cognition elected as new President Thomas Schweigl / Tyrol.

As a framework for their annual meeting an interesting supporting program was shown, which was also very interesting for us. In addition to a selection of bulls at the insemination station in Greifenberg, we could with the farms Arnold and Schwayer u. Hofer Gbr also visit cow families of current Brown Swiss sires.


Brown Swiss bull presentation at the A.I. center Greifenberg


On Friday, the A.I. center Greifenberg organized a small bull parade with focus on the Brown Swiss breed.

Amongst others, the progeny tested Brown Swiss sires HARRISON & VINTAGE, the young genomic Brown Swiss sires AMOR, ANDROID, ATARI, CASINO, HUVEGA (RBW), PUMA, VALERIAN, VANTAST (RBW) and VASMOR as well as the polled Brown Swiss bulls VIPRO Pp and PROSIT Pp were presented.

In order to give an insight into the huge bull portfolio of different breeds in Greifenberg, the team of Greifenberg also presented a small selection of other breeds. Among them DARWIN, HOOD and MANOLO Pp as current top class Fleckvieh sires, MOCK (Pinzgauer), SUAREZ (Holstein), as well as HARPER (Belgian Blue).


Brown Swiss farm Josef Arnold GbR - the home of AMOR 10/356730


On Saturday, the tour started at the Brown Swiss farm of Josef Arnold, who was expecting together with his family the guests with a presentation of the AMOR cow family as well as the first AMOR daughters on the farm.

AMOR dam Debora (Sire: Huray) is now in her 5th lactation and impresses with an average performance of over 11,000kg of milk (highest lactation: 12,716kg of milk) in combination with excellent persistence. Debora is currently still at 35kg milk /day, though she had calved September 2017. This enormous willingness to perform is also reflected in the genomic breeding profile of Armor with approximately + 1200kg of milk and a persistence of 124!

AMOR's five daughters, aged 5 months to 16 months, showed the excellent developmental potential of the offspring of this young Brown Swiss bull.

Again the guests were very impressed by Holli, the 11-year-old Hussli-daughter with meanwhile 8 calves and a still captivating side-image!




Schwayer und Hofer GbR - more than 40 Brown Swiss cows from different cow fmailies in the line-up


An impressive picture was offered the international visitors on arrival at the Brown Swiss farm of the Schwayer u. Hofer GbR. The guests were welcomed with a line-up of more than 40 Brown Swiss animals from different cow families.

The farm Schwayer u. Hofer GbR currently not only milks 270 cows but is also the cradle of some very interesting progeny-tested and genomic Brown Swiss bulls:

HARRISON (Harley x Wurinho Rinha x Hucos Rikone); PRINZ (Preset x Hucos Rikone), VEGAS (Vasir x Hucos Rikone), PANGANI (Payssli x Huray Tapiray), VINLEY (Vintage x Harley Roley x Juleng), DAMAST (Dario x Harley Rhotule x Vasir).

One of the highlights was the impressive cow family around HARRISON, VEGAS and PRINZ. From Harrison, the type strong son of Harley, we could have a closer look at the dam Rinha, grand dam Rikone and his sister. Rikone HARRISONs grand dam and the dam of Vegas & Prinz mother belongs meanwhile with a life achievement of 104,815kg milk to the golden cows of the Brown Swiss breed. Also his dam Rinha impresses with a life performance of 91,880 kg milk with and outstanding conformation. Six Harrison daughters, three Prinz daughters, two Pangani daughters and Joey daughters completed the offspring show of bulls from their own stable.

Another surprise for us was one of the first ASSAY (Anibal x Payssli) daughter in milk (first calving age 24 months) and a first test milking of 27.4kg milk.

Special thanks to the breeder families who have presented and prepared their animals and of course all the helpers on site. In addition, a thank you to the team of the insemination station Greifenberg for the organization and preparation of the animals as well as local support. You did all a fantastic job.


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