Visitors from BGS / France


Thomas Gérouville from BGS / France visits Germany

Brown Swiss Tour with our french partner

Recently our French partner Thomas Gérouville from BGS came to visit us. With him we toured through the German Brown Swiss breeding areas to show him some famous cow families and daughters from interesting sires.

In the chatchment area of the breeding center Rinderunion Baden-Württemberg we visited 10 daughters each of the sires Purpro (Payboy x Huray x Pronto) Total Merit Index 127 and Vavigo (Vassli x Vigor x Huway) Total Merit Index 128. Purpro, a top newcomer from the December proof run coughed our attention with excellent type and udder balance.

Vavigo (Vassli x Vigor x Huway) gets his first daughter-proven breeding values in the next proof run in April. Valvagio-daughters stand out for their fine bones and high productions. They have wide and high attached rear udders with excellent medial ligaments. The presentation of cows from both cow families on the farm of Friedrich and Nikolas Sauter impressed the French specialist deeply.

Besides many excellent sire dams from the Brown Swiss Breeding Programme and some heifers with high genomic values we also had a look at the cow families of the sires Seasideray (Seasidebloom x Huray x Vinbrei) and Anibay (Anibal x Huray x Pronto II), the dam of Bisto (Biver x Easton x Pronto II) and the dam of Hujus (Huvi x Julau x Vasir).

The next day we toured the catchment area of the AI center Rindergenossenschaft Memmingen. We made a short side trip to Austria to visit the cow family of Blower (Blooming x Joel x Denver), which fascinated our French friend by its uniformity and excellent type traits. Back in Germany we saw the dam of Vonta (Vox x Voice x Huray) as well as some cows from her family.

Last but not least we visited the area around the AI center of Greifenberg. We started with the cow family of Amor (Anibal x Huray x Dynamit). Our next stop was the farm of Emilius Klement at Rehbichl where we saw one of the most productive Brown Swiss cow families with excellent type traits. We were especially impressed by the Huxoy-daughter Bonita. We completed the tour with the polled sires Vivaldi P*S and Visor P*S.