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RBW Show 2018 - impressive quality and many visitors!

RBW Schau 2018

Bull dams successful at the show - Bisto dam Forteas Grand Champion Brown Swiss.

With a very high quality of cows and as well as sometimes very interesting bull dams, the cattle breeders in Baden-Württemberg were able to show their enthusiasm for the cattle breeding in front of more than 2000 visitors





SIWLI and EVRA progeny group at the RBW show 2018


Already on the eve of the show, a high quality of offspring was presented to a very large national and international audience. In addition, deserving breeders were awarded.

With SIWIL (Silverstar x Wilhelm) a very large offspring group of nine cows was presented by the RBW team. Siwil, as a very high performance bull in the medium frame, will leave behind fine-and dairy that will have flawless, very high and long udders. He was able to convince by perfect teat placement and good udder body. Several Siwil daughters from the offspring group could therefore each win their classes on Sunday. Siwil a sire to improve mik performance and udder composite, but in mating his rather dairy type must be considered.


The second progeny group in the ring was EVRA, an Everest son from the Wille cow. He will leave a mark as a type improver and a bull with very high performances. Both Siwil and Evra will get their fully progeny tested results in the April sire proof run.

As third progeny group the Holstein bull Eprysha was presented. It is based on US embryo import and will leave behind cows with a lot of substabce and with very good rear udders and good robot skills. In addition, the animals show a very good development potential and thus underlined its high type score (RZE).




Als Züchter des Jahres und damit Züchterpersönlichkeiten, die nachhaltigen Einfluß auf das Zuchtgeschehen im abgelaufenen Jahr gehabt hatten, wurde für Fleckvieh der Betrieb Walter Weiland aus Kisslegg-Schwenden, für Holsteins die Erthle GbR, Eggingen und für Braunvieh Bernhard Stadelmann, Argenbühl ausgezeichnet. Die Familie Weiland züchtete die Bullen Vlaturo und Evim, die Familie Erthle lieferte Booman als Wiedereinsatzbullen sowie Misino. Aus der Zucht von Bernhard Stadelmann stammen die Bullen Vaguno, Astorio und Jolax. Als beste Vermarkter des abgelaufenen Jahres konnten mit der Marketing-Münze in Silber die Betriebe Stefan Göggerle, Dalkingen, Markus und Kerstin Mock, Markdorf und Edwin Kling, Murrwangen ausgezeichnet werden.

Fleckvieh - Grand Champion Omine & Udder Champion Limette

The breeds Fleckvieh, Brown Swiss and Holstein were presented in two rings. The judges were Markus Gruber from Upper Austria for Fleckvieh, Andrea Uhrig from Hesse for Holstein and Gerlinde Halbertschlager from Austria for Braunvieh. The directional competition started with the first calf cows, who later wrestled for the title of the young cow champion and the udder champion of the young cows.

In the six classes of young cows the daughters of the bulls Siwil and Evra, but also daughters of Hall, Manuap, Manor, Rumgold and Hutera were very successful. The high level of the show did not make it easy for the judge, Markus Gruber, and often the animals were so close to each other in quality that even a different rankings would have been possible.

As udder and Grand Champion of the young cows the judge has chosen Hall daughter Selina bred by Eckhard Sperr, Satteldorf.

In the impressive classes of the second calf cows went the victory of the young cows finally went to Rave daughter Highnoon, who could sit down in front of Waban Halma because of the more complete foundation. Particularly striking were the daughters of Hutera, Valot, Vaudela and Vuonis. The title of the winner medium finally went to Willbär Kourtney of the coupler GbR, Reupoldsrot, reserve champion was Valot Zora the farm Aischland GbR, Weikersheim.

The old cows started in 4 classes. Among the 4th and 5th calf cows Murai-daughter Loreley of Joachim Kaiser, Klettgau, won followed by Vanstein Lilia. The 6th calf cows were won by Imposium Messalina followed by the well-known Rau daughter Bella. The class of cows with 7 calves was won by the former Grand Champion cow of the last RBW show, Winnor daughter Limette. Finally she was as well selected as the Udder Champion of the Fleckvieh cows.

Among the cows with eight and more calves, five very fresh old ladies. In addition to the high life performance of well over 90,000 kg of milk, Omine was particularly convincing due to her caliber. She could finally prevail in a close decision to win the title old against Winnor Limette. Limette, however, was in the decision for the best udder unbeatable and could continue her winning streak. Family Bertel family was awarded for their cow Raueat Lexa as well the title of the beef champion of the breed Fleckvieh. In the election for the Grand Champion Markus Gruber then decided on the oldest cow of the show ROMSEL daughter Omine bred by Georg Henner. Omine reached in her fifth RBW show participation and after the victories of their age group in the years 2011 and 2012, the highlight of her career, Grand Champion Fleckvieh of the RBW Show 2018!

BROWN SWISS – Bisto Mutter Forteas Grand Champion - Udder Champion HEGALL Donau

The cow classes of the Brown Swiss breed were very high-carat occupied and caused in exchange with the Holstein judging an interesting and professional show competition, which was supported by the very strong commitment of a young breeders team. In addition, Gerlinde Halbertschlager convinced with her quick decisions and precise comments in her judging work. Special treats offered the young cow classes. Like all classes, these were also strongly influenced by domestic sires, so Vassli, Payssli, Pisko, Erafax, Julau and Paray convinced with their shown daughters. The first class, however, was won by a very perfect Anibal daughter from the General Larry family, followed by Vintage daughter Gaudi of Bernhard Stadelmann.

In an impressive picture, Gerlinde Halbertschlager decided in favor of the medium framed Hegall Danube by Peter Müller, Leutkirch as udder champion, as she had an extremely compact appearance in the udder body and also showed ideal teat placement and a clear central band in her 2nd lactation.

However, the title of the Grand Champion cow went to the Albinger GbR and their Easton daughter Forteas. She convicned with the very high udder floor and her fresh appearance. Forteas is underpinning the unique exterior quality of her son Bisto.

Source: Rinderunion-Baden Württemberg / www.rind-bw.de

Results RBW Show 2018