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HURAY – a legend says Goodbye


In the night of January 13, 2018, the top sire Huray, aged 15 years and 3 months, passed away in his paddock.


The Hussli son Huray was born in September 2002 on the farm of family Brader / Dickenreishausen. He derives from Siray daughter Laura, which was classified in the udder composite with EX-96 points. Hans Groß / Lauben raised this exceptional bull and presented Huray at the auction sale in Buchloe in October 2003. At the auction, the AI center of Greifenberg bought this late Hussli son.


The first Huray progeny group was presented in April 2008 in Buchloe at the National Brown Swiss show and inspired the breeders from all over Europe. In the next years, you could steadily find Huray daughters in the show ring as class winners and champions as well. His descendants also convince with great performance, which can be seen in various top lists. The breeding value lists worldwide are still influenced by his daughters and his genetics. Currently, more than 26.000 Huray daughters are registered in Central Europe for breeding value estimation and over 7.300 for conformation. On his paternal side, too, he has left his mark with worldwide more than 330 sons at AI.


Representative here in Germany are well-known sires like Harley, Husold, Harrison, Hacker.


Also internationally, Huray enjoyed great popularity; we have exported more than 80,000 portions all over the world. Huray daughters are doing very well in all farming systems from Australia to Europe to North and South America


With Huray the Brown Swiss breed loses a sire with reliable and high performances, which has shaped the name of German Brown Swiss internationally.