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Sommet de l’Élevage

Sieger jung - Trude (Herzschlag x Sawart)

In diesem Jahr fand vom 3.-5. Oktober die Ausstellung „Sommet de l’Élevage“ in Clermont-Ferrand, Frankreich, statt. Nicht nur im Zentrum Frankreichs sondern über die Grenzen hinaus bekannt gehört sie zu Europas größten Schauen mit über 2.000 Tieren und mehr als 1.500 Ausstellern mit vielen nationalen und internationalen Besuchern.

Die Rasse Fleckvieh stand in diesem Jahr im Mittelpunkt und deshalb wurde von Simmental France die Nationalschau dort ausgerichtet. Klassischerweise wurde dies zur Europaschau ausgeweitet und zu den 36 Tieren aus ganz Frankreich kamen jeweils 4 Kühe aus Österreich, Deutschland und der Schweiz. Mit ihren internationalen Partnern in einer Reihe von Ständen waren für Deutschland die GGI-SPERMEX GmbH und Rinderunion Baden-Württemberg vertreten, die vier Tiere für den Wettbewerb und den anschließenden Verkauf organisiert haben.

German Fleckvieh in Clermont-Ferrand

This year the exhibition "Sommet de l'Élevage" took place from 3.-5. October in Clermont-Ferrand, France. Known not only in the center of France but beyond the borders, it is one of Europe's largest shows with over 2,000 animals and more than 1,500 exhibitors with many national and international visitors.

The Fleckvieh breed was in focus this year and therefore Simmental France hosted the national show there. Classically, this was extended to the European Show and to the 36 animals from all over France came each 4 cows from Austria, Germany and Switzerland. With its international partners in a number of stands, the GGI-SPERMEX GmbH and Cattle Union Baden-Württemberg were the representatives for Germany, who organized four animals for the competition and the subsequent sale.

The European competition took place on Thursday, October 4, in the early morning. The judge this time was Cédric FOURCADE, a technician from the Montbéliard area, who had the honorable and difficult task of honoring the best cows.

The start was made by the German young cow Trude (Herzschlag / Sawart) from the farm Häckel (Osterstetten), who took first place in her group and the udder champion and was subsequently named Champion Young cow classes. Udder champion young became the young cow Lavande (Hurrican / Rum) from France, from the company GAEC Fabie (Prades Salars). The German young cow Gazello (Evergreen / Diadora) from the Fleckvieh farm Keller (Allmendingen) was 3rd in her group.

The show proceeded with the groups of second calf cows. Here, Switzerland won the Champion with Claudia (Fredo / Divico) from farm Christians (Cheseaux Noreaz). The Euteriegerin was the French cow Jacinthe (Will / Romario) from the farm Earl de la Charme (Archelange). Our German second calf cows Red Rose (Vasaster / Ilion) from the farm Schneider (Bühlerzell) and Rosamunde P (Iropolled PS / Ofir) from the company Häckel (Osterstetten) took 2nd and 3rd place in their group, as well as udder and meat.

The groups of cows with three and more lactations followed directly afterwards. The French cow Begonia (Hofherr / Uterino) from the company GAEC de Giroux (Rignieux le France) presented the Fleckvieh champion old and Hexagone (Lenz / Iris) from the same company was selected as Udder Champion old.

However, in the end, the Swiss cow Claudia convinced the judge and was thus also appointed Grand Champion of the European competition.

As usual, these were not all the titles to win. It continued with the special prizes: Meat winner was the French cow Geniale (Hupsol / Hofherr) from the company GAEC Grange (St. Andre le puy). The second lactation cow Edelweiss (Versetto / Dionis) from Austria was the winner of the milk components.

The national competition, in which three cows each from Austria, Germany, Switzerland and France entered the ring to provide the most harmonious group, won France closely followed by Germany.

Instead of an auction in the ring, a silent auction took place in which anonymous bidding for the individual sales bulls could be made on the stand. On Thursday at 19 clock, the containers were emptied and the breeders with the highest bid were awarded the contract. So the 4 cows from Germany and 4 cows from Austria found their new happy owners in France. The German animals were, despite the ruling in France, poor feed situation, sold at decent prices and reached an average of 2400 €, with our champion Jung "Trude" with 3250 € by far the most expensive has been sold.

Many thanks to the team of the Cattle Union Baden-Württemberg and the young breeders for the purchase and care of the animals and the successful presentation in France