Visitors from Russia


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Brown Swiss for Russia

Braunvieh im Allgäu

Growing interest in Brown Swiss genetics in Russia

In Russia, interest in Brown Swiss genetics is growing again. Since the demand for milk from domestic production can’t be met in Russia, dairy farmers are subsidized by the government in order to improve the quantity of milk produced. At the same time, emphasis is also placed on solids, especially protein. Brown Swiss cows meet all these demands and thanks to their great adaptability to different kinds of climatic conditions they are ideally suited for milk production in many regions of Russia. Therefore, Mr. Romanov, chairman of the newly founded Brown Swiss Cattle Breeding Association in his region and owner of a large Brown Swiss dairy farm located about 400km east of Moscow came to Germany to visit the AI center of Memmingen, where caught up with the German Brown Swiss Cattle Breeding Program and newest genetics. On two different sites Mr. Romanov keeps 1.200 dairy cows with an average milk production of 7.000 kg. Now he hopes to further improve milk production with German genetics. In order to give Mr. Romanov an insight into the practice of a family farm in the Allgäu region, the program was completed by a visit to a 160-cow dairy farm near Memmingen.