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Visit at the Keuper family farm in Achterhoekse Netterden

The Keuper family in Achterhoekse Netterden / Netherlands are enthusiastic Brown Swiss fans. They always tried to find simple ways to improve the profitability of their dairy herd. One of these projects that made a major contribution to the farm profit was to crossbreed their Holsteins with Brown Swiss. The rolling herd average currently is 10,532kg milk with 4.47% fat and 3.71% protein (135 dairy cows). Meanwhile, 90% of the animals in the herd carry Brown Swiss blood. The Keuper family appreciates the high protein content in the milk and the low cell count of Brown Swiss. There are very few cases of mastitis, dry cow treatments with antibiotics have not been carried out for a long time. Mr. Keuper also praises the excellent fertility of his Brown Swiss cows. The number of inseminations required for a pregnancy is very low, the intercalving period amounts to 386 days. Another plus for the breed are the good feet & legs, which are very important, not least because the herd is kept on pasture from early spring to late autumn. The photographer Han Hopman recently visited the farm and took some impressive photos that we would like to share with you.

Photo 1:
Birke 136, portrayed at the age of seven, is this year's cover girl of the Brown Swiss International Magazine. The Julau daughter, bred by Erwin Hascher, was bought from Germany 6 years ago. In five lactations, she produced an impressive 51,077kg milk with 4.93% fat and 3.78% protein.

Photo 2:
Harley daughter 100 - Josie 56
Projected performance: 1st lactation, 305 days: 10,390kg milk, 3.78% fat, 3.46% protein

Photo 3:
Harley daughter 10 - Mia 319
Projected performance: 2nd lactation, 305 days: 11,620kg milk, 4.37% fat, 3.79% protein

Photo 4:
Josie 56 and Mia 319
At the Keuper farm, the annual grazing season is extended as long as possible. Therefore, great value is set on the robustness and type traits of the animals. Brown Swiss performs very well in grazing systems.

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