01-12-2017 Panorama Pinzgauer MOCK-REKORD 02 ©.jpg


Nombre Padre nacido. VGT IL Hijas Leche-kg G% prot.-% IC AB Fp T Mu PA UB
LUXUS Luchs 2011 101 98 51 +152 -0,20 -0,11 96 106 106 93 98
MOCK MAJOR 2016 0 108 106 101 101
REKORD RAMORAT 2016 0 95 101 113 101
FENDRICH FALL 2017 0 107 110 100
GRAL GERWIN 2017 0 94 100 111
KELTE Kandis 2012 0 116 81 108
RAUSCH Raureif 2018 0 97

The breed in general

The Pinzgauer breed is of Austrian-Bavarian origin and its name comes from the Pinzgau region in Austria.


Pinzgauer cattle have a maroon coat with characteristically back and belly blazes as well as mainly continuous white stripes on the lower leg and forearm. The muzzle is unpigmented. They also show a clear maroon coat on the legs to the hock and pastern joint. The tail of the animals is white. A specialty is a black and white type.

Polled status:

Pinzgauer cattle can be horned and genetically polled. The yellow horns have black tips.


The medium-sized to framy cattle have a long and deep body with great muscularity. They move on medium-strong, correct feet and legs with dark, strong hooves.

Production traits:

The Pinzgauer cattle are robust with great adaptability. Excellent feet and legs, calving ease, outstanding meat quality and calm temperament of the animals have to be praised. Pinzgauer cattle are especially bred as beef cattle in suckler cow husbandry.




Sacral bone height, cm

ca. 150

ca. 140

Weight, kg

ca. 1,100

ca. 700